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Christopher R. Hertel crh at
Thu May 17 21:01:19 GMT 2001

> Good point.  An email list for SAMBA bugs could be helpful in order for 
> people who recognize a given bug to be able to provide more and better 
> feedback.

We had such a list.  We could not maintain it.

> The problem I see with a BBS type of service is the difficulty in ensuring 
> proper maintenance in a project such as this.  Furthermore, I think that it 
> would be harder to use to actually examine bugs than a simple site listing 
> bugs, descriptions, and steps to reproduce problem.

I was suggesting a hybrid of the two ideas.  My idea was that the site
would list bugs with descriptions, and allow for commentary.  The
commentary need not be read, of course, just as I will often read a
Slashdot article and skip the noise people add.  The purpose of the
commentary is simply to allow people to post additional information,
patches, insights, etc. 

Just an idea, though.

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