log level mismatch

Herb Lewis herb at sgi.com
Thu May 17 19:59:34 GMT 2001

If you do not specify a log level in your smb.conf file, you
get a debug level of zero reported by smbcontrol. Testparm 
reports the default to be log level = 2 because it explicitly
sets DEBUGLEVEL = 2 in its code (the comment at the beginning
seys it uses level 3). If you have a "log level" line in
smb.conf then testparm reports the correct value. 

I think we should set the beginning value in testparm to 0. It
will get reset to the value in smb.conf if present, but this will
allow testparm to report the correct value in all cases. I 
cannot see any difference in the errors reported either way.

Also the smb.conf man page reports "log level" to be a synonym
for "debug level" but the loadparm.c file indicates that
debuglevel is the synonym so SWAT shows the "log level" parameter
name. We need to be consistent here. Which name do we want to be
the primary name and which is the synonym?

Comments anyone?


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