more work to be done....

Christopher Travers einhverfr at
Thu May 17 20:00:56 GMT 2001

Well, I have designed an improv bug tracking system for SAMBA since 
volunteering.  I simply need to impliment it, if we decide to go this route.

Ideally, myself and a few others would have administrative privaleges.  The 
bugs would be marked either tentative, confirmed, or patched (with version), 
along with a title, brief description, and steps to reproduce behavior.  The 
public would have access to a web page built on this information.

The idea would be to provide a dynamic resource for sysadmins and developers 
(what to expect, what needs fixing, what not to do, etc.).   Since my 
original posting, others have volunteered server space if necessary, and I 
should have server space starting next month on a much higher-band-width 

I agree that assigning priorities is a pointless task in this development 
model (anyone who finds it a high priority can be responsible for submitting 
a patch).  Again, the coding for this would likely be trivial, but it may 
prove useful, if that is what people would like to see.

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers

>From: Gerald Carter <gcarter at>
>To: Michael Gerdts <Michael.Gerdts at>
>CC: "Christopher R. Hertel" <crh at>, <samba-technical at>
>Subject: Re: more work to be done....
>Date: Thu, 17 May 2001 11:43:29 -0700 (PDT)
>On Thu, 17 May 2001, Michael Gerdts wrote:
> > FAQ-O-Matic would probably be pretty easy.   I have set it up in the 
> > and it has worked well with very little effort.
> >
> >
>Sorry.  I **hate** faq-o-matic.
> > But... why not use an actual bug tracking system?  It may be more
> > effort to set up, but in the long run it may be a better solution.
>I'm looking at this...

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