Building and linking shared libaries for multiple differentversionsof UNIX

Alexandre Oliva oliva at
Thu May 17 19:03:57 GMT 2001

On May 16, 2001, David Collier-Brown <davecb at> wrote:

> Steve Langasek wrote:
>> I don't believe that libsmbclient would be considered a module here; it's a
>> shared library which exports an ABI that will be used by third-party
>> applications.

> 	I'd version it, using a two-part number like 
> ->, and
> 	increment the last digit when you add (but
> 	do not remove/change) interfaces.

This makes it more difficult to create the library portably.  On most
ELF systems, you'd have to pass the option `-h' or `-soname' naming as the major version number, so that version be
used beneficially.

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