Samba 2.2.1 Showstopper (was: Stste of Roaming Profiles)

Gerald Carter gcarter at
Thu May 17 18:36:44 GMT 2001

On Thu, 17 May 2001, David Levitan wrote:

> I think that although it is not a "required" update (according to
> many people will install it anyway, just because it probably will make
> system performance, security, etc... better. If you want businesses to
> go over to samba, then you need to support the latest from microsoft, or
> else they'll ignore you. Maybe most people don't need SP2, but they'll
> install it anyway.

Nobody said we wouldn't support it.  Just that all the bugs will probably
not be addresses in 2.2.1.  We don'y currently have AD and Kerberos
support but people are still using Samba.  I'm not saying this aren't
important.  But the fact is that 2.2.1 will fix several major bugs
and we can't delay it's release indefinitely until all issues are
addressed.  2.2.2 will include more bug fixes and so will 2.2.3, etc...

Make sense?

Cheers, jerry
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