connection problem from DOS

James Sutherland jas88 at
Thu May 17 07:43:44 GMT 2001

On Wed, 16 May 2001, µL¦W¤p¤l wrote:

> My office have many old computers using MS-DOS and connected to a
> Netware File Server. I have added a Linux Samba Server to the network
> and tried to connect to it with MS Client 3.0 for Dos using the
> command "net start".

Is there a reason for using Samba here? If you're integrating with Netware
clients and an existing Netware server, would mars_nwe not be a better

> However the computer hangs while connecting. When I tried to connect
> to either server ONLY there is no problem.

i.e. the combination of both clients together causes a hang? You may not
be able to get two different DOS clients to cooperate - it wasn't designed
that way :-(

> Is there an incompatibility with Netware servers?

Probably an incompatibility between Microsoft's SMB client and Netware's
NCP client: I'd try mars_nwe instead.


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