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Hmmm, please wrap your lines ...

At 09:34 PM 5/16/01 -0700, =?UNKNOWN?B?wwwwwwwwwwww?= wrote:
>My office have many old computers using MS-DOS and connected to a Netware
>Server. I have added a Linux Samba Server to the network and tried to
>to it with MS Client 3.0 for Dos using the command "net start". However the 
>computer hangs while connecting. When I tried to connect to either server
>there is no problem. Is there an incompatibility with Netware servers? Or
>I set anything wrong. My smb.conf file is attached with this email. I am
>Samba version 2.2.0 with Redhat Linux 7.0. This is an urgent matter and I
>that you can reply as soon as possible. Thank you.

Well, Mr Chan, since you seem to be using Samba in a commercial enterprise,
perhaps you would be so kind as to contact one of the consultants in HK and
offer him or her some money to fix your urgent problem.

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