MS At Work Fax file format: documented!

Michael B. Allen mballen at
Wed May 16 21:35:42 GMT 2001

On Wed, May 16, 2001 at 12:40:35AM -0700, Michael St. Laurent wrote:
> For those who are interested in MS Fax Integration I've been able to decode
> the file format that Microsoft At Work Fax uses when it writes to the shared
> directory to send a fax over the network to another system for transmission.
> Here it is:
> The schedule type can be: 01-ASAP, 03-After given time, 04-Between given
> times.  Dates/Times are expressed in Greenwich Mean Time and the format is 2
> bytes each for: Year, Month, Day, Day of week, Hour (24), Minute.  If the
> schedule type is 01 the date/time fields will be empty.  If schedule type is
> 04 the user chose the "discount rates" selection for time to send and the
> date/time fields will be blank except for the hour field (in this case the
> time is not GMT).

Very interesting!

Good job,


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