Building and linking shared libaries for multiple different versions of UNIX

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Wed May 16 17:28:57 GMT 2001

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> Yet another person reinventing the wheel. Beautiful.

libtool isn't the answer all the time...  Also, there isn't any
reinvention needed - just copying from existing non-libtool
programs that do it.  For UNIX, anyways, the DSO support stuff
required is rather simple and doesn't require everything that
libtool can do...

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> Will you:
>   1. chmod the shared library to +x on HP-UX?

If you link it, this is already the case...

>   2. Make the shared library extension on HP-UX 'sl' rather than 'so'?

CUPS already handles this by defining the DSO name in the configure
script for inclusion in the makefile.

>   3. Is there just one shared library? If more than one, are they
>      dependent on each other? If so, do you plan on hard-coding the
>      runtime path of the installation library directory in the
>      shared libraries?

I believe there is just one DSO.

> ...
> Libtool will make your life easier.

The issue is that libtool adds more than just a helper script to
make DSOs.  IIRC SAMBA is also used on a number of platforms that
libtool doesn't support.

Some of these issues may become moot if libtool and packaging helper
apps like EPM can be updated for the affected OS's...

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