Building and linking shared libaries formultipledifferentversions of UNIX

David Collier-Brown davecb at
Wed May 16 15:12:33 GMT 2001

Richard Sharpe wrote:
> >       Yes: This is really a convention, used to allow easy
> >       updates.  We create and link it to
> >       When we upgrade, we leave 93 in place, add 94
> >       and link 94 to
> >
> >       If an existing program needs version, it can get it,
> >       but by default it just uses as the thing to link
> >       to.  Does that help?
> OK, great explanation. What action do I need to take when I install
> Do I need to run ldconfig, and then create the link if it doesn't already
> exist?

	I think you do that in the opposite order, actually..
	ldconfig updates an in-memory table in older SunOSs
	(I don't have one on my Solaris 8 system).


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