Building and linking shared libaries for multiple different versions of UNIX

Alexandre Oliva oliva at
Wed May 16 07:11:51 GMT 2001

On May 16, 2001, Richard Sharpe <sharpe at> wrote:

> 1. Do the flags for generating PIC differ from system to system, esp if
> using the native compilers?


> 2. Can I get away with defining something like SOLDFLAGS, and simply pass
> that to $(LD)?

On most relevant systems, yes.

You may have a look at libtool 1.3.*'s ltconfig or 1.4's libtool.m4
for inspiration.  In libtool 1.4, the magic to look for is
lt_cv_prog_cc_pic, for the -fPIC equivalents, and archive_cmds and
export_dynamic_flag_spec for what you might want to put in SOLDFLAGS.

> 3. Any hints would be appreciated ... I think I will go and look at
> CUPS to see if Michael Sweet has dealt with this before.

Sounds reasonable.

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