Samba caching directory handles? (Writes to incorrect home dir)

Andrew Tridgell tridge at
Wed May 16 01:38:38 GMT 2001

> >> >	[%u]
> >> >		path = %H
> >> >
> >> >suffer from the same problems?
> This approach is fine where people have got a well structured relationship
> between usernames and home directories, and where they are all in one
> directory.
> However, if someone has home shares in different locations, this will not
> work. 
> That is why [homes] is so useful, since the info comes out of the passwd
> file or wherever ...

ummm, %H gets the info from the same place.

but I'd remind people again to use %U not %u. The lowercase one only
works in a share context and only after you are logged in. It won't
work in this case.

> Why not special-case access to \\server\homes, and if the requesting client
> is a WinNT or Win2K client, return a DFS referal, otherwise allow the
> connection.

Jeremy had another idea - he suggests making the path in [homes]
dynamic, so that it is evaluated differently based on the vuid of a
request. Add a simple one entry cache and it could be quite fast.

The main concern is if this will confuse the hell out of the windows
file cache code. It shouldn't as the client should not mix cache data
from different security contexts but its something that would need

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