Brad Langhorst brad at
Tue May 15 23:59:03 GMT 2001

> I have:
> password   optional     /lib/security/ use_first_pass
> use_authtok
> In my system-auth file.  The optional bit is to bring the password back
> into line, checking only the unix password db.  But the bit your
> interested in is the 'use_authtok'.  See if that helps.
Sorry - forgot to mention that  had that in ther the whole time.
for posterity  - my working config (with double password prompting) 
uses this system-auth file.

auth        sufficient    /lib/security/ likeauth nullok md5 shadow
auth        required      /lib/security/
account     sufficient    /lib/security/
account     required      /lib/security/
password    required      /lib/security/ retry=3
password    required      /lib/security/ nullok use_authtok 
password    required      /lib/security/ nullok use_authtok md5 
#password    required      /lib/security/
session     required      /lib/security/
session     required      /lib/security/

a symlink 
/etc/smbpasswd -> /etc/samba/smbpasswd 
is also required to make this work.

I'm about ready to give up on the double password prompt problem for now...


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