How to submit patches?

Rocco Altier roccoa at
Tue May 15 21:31:44 GMT 2001

Could this please be documented somewhere?

I had tried looking on the website for where to send patches, and didn't
say where to send them.

Also the BUGS.txt that is referenced in the README does not specify where
to send them, only to use "diff -u".


On Tue, 15 May 2001, Jeremy Allison wrote:

> Jos Backus wrote:
> > 
> > What is the preferred method to submit patches for review and inclusion in the
> > Samba source?
> Ensure the CVS tree you're working from is up to date, with
> your modifications on top, then type :
> cvs diff -u >/tmp/patchfile
> in the source/ directory.
> Mail this to samba-patches at with a description of
> the patch and the CVS branch you were working from.
> Thanks,
> 	Jeremy Allison,
> 	Samba Team.
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