Samba caching directory handles? (Writes to incorrect homedir)

Jason Coene jason at
Tue May 15 19:29:45 GMT 2001

Gerald Carter Wrote:
> So we can start to phase out homes and tell people to define a share
> called [%u].  There is one problem with this though.  Windows 9x clients
> do not have %USERNAME%.  Can we get around this via 'net use h: /home'?
> We need this type of generic support for logon scripts.

That seems like a reasonable solution. Only problem is that not everything
in the world accepts the substitution %u. I can just see a lot of
that pointed to data at \\server\statichomedirname\file breaking when they
cannot substitute, and then we fall back to the old reliable way.

I used to have a large problem with storing profiles in
(where [home] had a path=/home/%u). Even with proper permissions, one mans
profile would overwrite the other, and all hell broke loose.

I have adopted the \\server\profiles\%u and \\server\home\%u placements very
successfully. DFS being up the same alley (to the client at least) sounds

Does anyone have solid documentation on the process Windows systems use when
they are logged off (and to be logged in as another user)? Depending on
what they do to keep the connections intact, perhaps the server can have an
option to sever the connection to the client on logoff? This sounds far-
fetched to me personally, but perhaps theres a way to make it work?

Just rambling off,


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