Samba caching directory handles? (Writes to incorrect home dir)

James Sutherland jas88 at
Tue May 15 16:21:08 GMT 2001

On Tue, 15 May 2001, Gerald Carter wrote:
> On Wed, 16 May 2001, Richard Sharpe wrote:
> > >Does
> > >
> > >	[%u]
> > >		path = %H
> > >
> > >suffer from the same problems?
> >
> > I would think so, because the issue seems to be that NT caches connections
> > by name, so people should avoid using \\server\homes ...
> >
> > Hopefully we would still support the [homes] section in the smb.conf file
> > as a short hand way of defining a share for all users.
> Hmmm...I thought the problem was that the Windows client went "hmm....
> I already have a connection to \\server\homes ('cause the second user
> is using the same name) so I'll just use that one".  A connection to
> \\server\%USERNAME% should be seen as a different share, right?

Yep: the problem arises when \\server\homes is suddenly a different share
under the same name. Change the name as well - by using
\\server\%USERNAME% - and it's fine. That's how MS do it...

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