Samba caching directory handles? (Writes to incorrect home dir)

Andrew Tridgell tridge at
Tue May 15 12:15:23 GMT 2001

> Note also that there are no errors being reported, just mysteriously
> appering files.  What I am wondering is if somthing is keeping the
> directory open, and if samba is then accidently pulling this out of the
> 'cache', and creating a new file in it.

The only possibility would be in the stat cache code. Try 
"stat cache = no" and see if it helps. I'm skeptical though.

> Also, changing how this works is not an option - we have a fairly large
> number of users, and this is how they expect it to work.  We have them
> trained...

they can't learn to use \\server\USERNAME ? 

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