file server question

Michael Gerdts Michael.Gerdts at
Mon May 14 13:32:45 GMT 2001

On Mon, May 14, 2001 at 09:22:52AM -0400, David Collier-Brown wrote:
> 		- buying too few disk **heads**, and not
> 		  RAIDing them together.  Throughput, not
> 		  capacity, is the problem of the 1990s.

You can raid them together, but do it with hardware RAID.  I highly suggest
looking at the Netra T3 or Clariion storage.  I think that the Clariion is
going to turn out to be less expensive.  Using RAID 5 on a Clariion
(fibre-channel attached), you will get better performance than you will
with individual UltraSCSI disks.  Also, I think that you are asking for mud
on your face if you do not mirror or RAID 5 them for reliability.  NEVER do
RAID 5 in software, though.


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