[PATCH] Re: max connections not working like 2.0.7

Richard Sharpe sharpe at ns.aus.com
Sun May 13 05:06:49 GMT 2001

At 06:41 AM 5/13/01 -0700, Gerald Carter wrote:
>On Sun, 13 May 2001, Andrew Bartlett wrote:
>> This would limit the number of session setups, but not the number of
>> tree connects.  As such it would not preserve the semantics
>> completely, but might provide a solution for some sites when that is
>> what they wanted anyway.
>Nope.  I think we going to have to find away to preserve this.
>It allows us a "poor man's software metering" system.

I agree ... We need this functionality for software metering ...

>Althought everyone esle seems to quiet.  Am I the only one who finds this
>useful?  My gut feeling is that if we posted this question on
>samba at samba.org, we would get enough of a response to push us to fix it.
>> Unfortunately if the intent is to prevent more than one person
>> accessing a share at a time, ie for lock-less databases, then it won't
>> help - unless you prevent more than one person from accessing the
>> server at a time.  Also, guest connections are exempt from session.c,
>> due to the accounting cost.
>I'm not really worried about guest connections.
>Cheers, jerry
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