e: Problem to use VFS modules

Michael Sweet mike at easysw.com
Sat May 12 18:41:11 GMT 2001

Alexandre Oliva wrote:
> ...
> using -R /usr/lib, or linking with some library that is configured to
> install on /usr/lib?  This would indeed cause /usr/lib to be added to
> the default search path of the program, unless /usr/lib was listed in
> the system library search path.  But if /usr/lib64 is listed in
> there, /usr/lib isn't.

It might be somehow related to GIMP/GLIB/GTK+, as the default
gtk-config, glib-config, and gimp-config scripts don't seem to
honor the --libdir setting from configure (at least they didn't
when I built it for IRIX)...  I haven't had the time to waste
tracking this down...
> ...
> You don't have to (and, in fact, you shouldn't) compile the object
> files that are going to be used in programs using libtool.  I.e., you
> don't use libtool for everything.

Well, you might want to tell the GIMP, GTK+, GLIB, GNOME, etc. folks
about that.  libtool is the only way they build things there...

> ...
> Well, you can choose whether you want it to work or not.  I've
> already said, but I'll repeat: on a number of systems, it's
> necessary to relink executables and, more commonly, shared
> libraries that depend on them, after they're installed, to get
> them to find the libraries in the proper place.  If you're not
> willing to do that, you're not willing to support those systems.
> It's your call.

Strange, in all the years that we have been supporting those OS's
(HP-UX in particular), we've never had a program or lib that
needed re-linking.

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