printing in 2.2.0

Damian Ivereigh damian at
Sat May 12 07:42:00 GMT 2001

Dmitry Melekhov wrote:
> Damian Ivereigh wrote:
> >
> > What happens when you try this under Linux?
> With 2.2 from CVS nothing very bad :)
> But opening printer properties take 2 seconds for one printer with drivers, 5
> seconds for
> two printers with installed drivers and abou 10 secs for 6 printers with drivers.
> 2.2.0 eats CPU at about 100% and opening printer properties takes more than minute.

That does sound very bad. I was wondering if there might be some
network slowness in there (there was an article about this:,
however since the CPU is pegging, it must just be computational

> > To my mind it often gets all the printer info when it doesn't actually
> > need it all, so hopefully there could be some relatively quick fixups.
> > If your interested most of the code is in printing/ntprinting.c
> I understand. But I know nothing about NT printing system and I didn't write any
> C code last 6 years :(

I think sending an strace log of the smbd to Jeremy would be very
useful. Unfortunately if you can't fix the code, I guess you have to
wait until someone else does. Hopefully me, once I get a bit more
freed up.

Of course Jeremy might jump in and tell me I am talking out my hat and
suggest something different!

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