verbose debugs of socket messages

Gerald Carter gcarter at
Thu May 10 15:58:42 GMT 2001

On Thu, 10 May 2001, Christopher R. Hertel wrote:

> J.F. typed:
> :
> > yes it would allow it. I think we should split the DEBUG from the LOGGING.
> > We are using the DEBUG facility as a LOGGING facility.
> > 
> > IIRC, I talked of that with Tridge, and we agreed.
> It would also be nice to allow people to remove debug statements at
> compile time, though debug should be the default mode since we use the
> output so heavily.

Ehhh....I'm not sure I agree here.  That's kind of like saying, it ouwld
be nice if we could remove the steering wheel from a car for a nice long
strech of highway.  But what happens when you need to turn.  IMO there
will always be a need to enabling debugging at run-time in order to
trouble shoot problems.  

I do think that separating logging from debug would be good.

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