Linux 2.4 Scalability, Samba, and Netbench

Bruce Allan bruce.allan at
Wed May 9 23:34:48 GMT 2001

Andrew Theurer wrote:
> I do have kernprof ACG and lockmeter for a 4P run.  We saw no
> significant problems with lockmeter.  csum_partial_copy_generic was the
> highest % in profile, at 4.34%.  I'll see if we can get some space on
> to post the test data.

The Netfinity system that you are using has two different supported GigE
adapters.  I assume you are using one of these types - Netfinity Gigabit
Ethernet Adapter (19K4401) and the Netfinity Gigabit Ethernet SX Server
Adapter (06P3701); using the acenic.c and e1000.c drivers, respectively.

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