The "security mask" parameter

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Wed May 9 22:33:18 GMT 2001

Hello Mohammed,
I took a brief look at the dosmode.c code, where I <think> this should be
handled, and it doesn't seem to ever check or use the security mask before
it attempts the chmod...
bottom line, I don't think this feature is implemented...
I've copied the samba technical list, so maybe one of the samba team can
comment on this...

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Subject: The "security mask" parameter

I am a new Samba user so forgive my ignorance.
I am using Samba version 2.0.6 on HP UX 11 and I need to use the "security
mask" parameter to prevent even the owner of a file from changing the read
only attribute
(by right clicking on the file from a  Windows NT 4.0 desktop) if the file
is read only (Unix permissions: 0440). This is what I have in the
"smb.conf" file:
nt acl support = no
 security mask = 0000
 create mask = 0640
 force create mode = 0000
But it doesn't do what I want it to do and which is what it's supposed to do
according to the documentation.
Is there anybody that have an idea how to this work? Please help.
Please send me an email.

Mohammed Maati.

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