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Christopher R. Hertel crh at nts.umn.edu
Wed May 9 18:50:07 GMT 2001

> > The paragraph suggests running NetBIOS over TCP/IP *and* NetBEUI at the
> > same on the same machine.  This breaks stuff.  Binding NetBIOS to multiple
> > transports can cause browser election storms, phantom services, and other
> > trouble.
> No, I suggest running only NetBIOS over TCP/IP (actually, John Terpstra
> does in the original docs), but if the NetBIOS scope isn't properly
> initialized, browsing doesn't work *unless* you use both (and then, yes,
> it probably will break other things

Which is why I suggest removing the reference to NetBEUI in that section. 
Reading that section alone *does* sound as though you are suggesting
running both transports. 

>  - I've just noticed that browsing
> works with NetBEUI when the scope isn't initialized).

Scope does not exist in a NetBEUI environment.  The concept was introduced
in STD 19 (RFC1001/1002).

It seems, from your description, that Windows is grabbing random memory 
or somesuch bug if the scope string isn't initialized.  The result is 
that the Windows box has a non-empty scope string, which puts it into a 
separate NetBIOS vLAN.

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