slowness with WTS (Citrix) clients

Michael Gerdts Michael.Gerdts at
Wed May 9 17:59:55 GMT 2001

I recently upgraded from 2.0.7 to 2.2.0, and have run into enough problems
with 2.2.0 that I had to go back.

One of our Citrix servers (NT 4.0, service pack 6) has terrible (unusable)
performance with 2.2.  When it is bad, there is a greater than 60 second
delay between "net use * \\sambaserver\share" and the time that the user is
prompted for a password.  There are similar delays with file opens, etc.
It has been reported to me that the process of mapping a samba share and
opening a PDF file takes in the neighborhood of 20 minutes.  There are
typically about 40 users on this system.

If smbd is killed and restarted, the problem goes away for a few minutes.
No other clients reported this problem.  (Actually I did hear of some
problems with a win98 clients, but I think that was really a user with a
forgotten password that was erroneously diagnosed as the same problem.)

The server has no similar problems accessing any other servers (NT 4).
Backing out to 2.0.7 gets rid of the problems.  Samba 2.0.7 was (is)
started from inetd.  When 2.2.0 was running, it was running as a daemon.

We have another citrix server (NT 4.0, service pack 4) that has not shown
these problems.  There are typically about 10 users on this system.

I have some logs with debugging cranked up to 9.  I don't have a way to
reproduce this without causing problems for my production environment.  Is
there anything that I should be looking for in the log file?

Thanks much,

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