smbd 2.2.0; Solaris; memory leak?

Jeremy Allison jeremy at
Wed May 9 15:44:27 GMT 2001

David Lee wrote:
> Systems:  Solaris 2.x;  Samba 2.0.7 then 2.2.0; 400-800 simultaneous users
> The "smbd" in 2.0.7 had seemed always to suffer from a slight memory leak
> (on Solaris, at least).  Over a period of a week, the "size" shown by
> "top" would grow gradually from about 4MB to somewhere over 6MB.  (We run
> as a standalone daemon, not out of "inetd.conf", with several hundred
> simultaneous users on this main fileserver).
> I had understood (perhaps erroneously) that future releases had fixed this
> bug.  Hmmm....
> Earlier this morning I installed 2.2.0 on this main server, and already in
> those few hours the smbd processes have grown from a shade under 4MB to
> almost 5MB. Thus, far from being fixed, the memory leakage in 2.2.0 seems
> worse than in 2.0.7 .
> Are there any known memory-leak problems (and fixes??) in 2.2.0 ?

I have been running 2.2 under insure for many months, and
don't know of any current memory leaks. This just may be
natural use increase with more open files etc. Please keep
watching it and let me know if it grows significantly over time.


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