Linux 2.4 Scalability, Samba, and Netbench

Andrew M. Theurer atheurer at
Wed May 9 17:30:35 GMT 2001

I do have kernprof ACG and lockmeter for a 4P run.  We saw no
significant problems with lockmeter.  csum_partial_copy_generic was the
highest % in profile, at 4.34%.  I'll see if we can get some space on to post the test data.

Andrew Theurer

Mike Kravetz wrote:
> On Wed, May 09, 2001 at 11:29:22AM -0500, Andrew M. Theurer wrote:
> >
> > I am evaluating Linux 2.4 SMP scalability, using Netbench(r) as a
> > workload with Samba, and I wanted to get some feedback on results so
> > far.
> Do you have any kernel profile or lock contention data?
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