smbd 2.2.0; Solaris; memory leak?

Gerald Carter gcarter at
Wed May 9 14:20:01 GMT 2001

On Wed, 09 May 2001 04:52:51 David Lee wrote:
> Earlier this morning I installed 2.2.0 on this main
> server, and already in those few hours the smbd processes
> have grown from a shade under 4MB to almost 5MB. Thus, far 
> from being fixed, the memory leakage in 2.2.0
> seems worse than in 2.0.7 . 
> Are there any known memory-leak problems (and fixes??) in 2.2.0 ?


While bugs are always possible, Jeremy is fairly diligent 
about running the 2.2 code under Insure to trap leaks.
Are you sure you are not just seeing normal memory usage?
Does this size continue to grow without bounds?

Do you have a lareg printcap file being autoloaded?  Or 
maybe just a large number of shares?

cheers, jerry
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