Given the words "Active Directory" a hole new meaning :-)

Ronald Kuetemeier ronald at
Tue May 8 22:59:35 GMT 2001

Is there a place out there where we can put some vfs modules, the ones just for the fun of it.
I have a module which associates a user defined command with a directory and executes that command whenever you click on the directory, actually you need to toggle between dirs for a reset.
Works as follows:
        setup samba vfs with my module installed and point it to say /tmp for that section
        on open dir the modules reads a config file( same syntax as smb.conf) in the users home directory
           and creates for every section a directory under /tmp/vfs-samber-[user]/; with the org. mount point changed to it
           so the user does not see the dirs under /tmp his view is only his dir, ie. /tmp/vfs-samba-[user].
        if you click on one of those new directories, the command associated with the section in the conf file is run
           and output is redirected to a user specified file under that directory.

In other words whenever you click on a directory you get an updated file put into that directory, totally transparent to the
user. Nice way to get snapshots of a running  system without loggin in (for example), and if you pipe through unix2dos you can even use Notepad to view the files, for emacs challenged people :-).
Please note this is tested on Linux only, written as a test. And the commands are executed on the server and NOT locally :-)

IFF there is interest in this I can setup something on sourceforge, iff needed or use what ever exsists.

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