New (old) project for MS Fax Inregration

Gerald Carter gcarter at
Tue May 8 21:26:35 GMT 2001

On Tue, 8 May 2001, Michael St. Laurent wrote:

> I would like to start work on a project to create the components
> needed for allowing Microsoft At Work Fax clients to send faxes
> through a Unix server running Samba and a Fax Server package (Hylafax
> or whatever).  I'm looking for advice and/or help.  I've never managed
> an Opensource project before but think I might be "ready" for it.
> Things I'm looking for now:
> ----------------------------
> 1 - Documentation on the .AWD/.FAX file formats (I understand that
> this is available in the Jan '96 issue of MSDN Level 2 which I do not
> have access to.)
> 2 - Any tools for interpreting what is going on in a packet trace as
> far as the SMB packets are concerned.
> 3 - Any previously done research into this topic!
> ----------------------------
> If you have any of the above or know someone who does you would make me one
> very happy puppy if you would contact me.  :-)


This first thing i would do is explore using the 'print command' smb.conf
option for sending faxes.  I have seen some people do very clever things
with this.  For example, one person I know setup a "printer" share where
people would print a file as Postscript and the "print command" would us
eps2pdf to convert it to PDF and send the user a mail when it was done and
where to pick it up.

Cheers, jerry
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