New (old) project for MS Fax Inregration

Michael St. Laurent mikes at
Tue May 8 19:13:37 GMT 2001

I would like to start work on a project to create the components needed for
allowing Microsoft At Work Fax clients to send faxes through a Unix server
running Samba and a Fax Server package (Hylafax or whatever).  I'm looking
for advice and/or help.  I've never managed an Opensource project before but
think I might be "ready" for it.

Things I'm looking for now:

1 - Documentation on the .AWD/.FAX file formats (I understand that this is
available in the Jan '96 issue of MSDN Level 2 which I do not have access

2 - Any tools for interpreting what is going on in a packet trace as far as
the SMB packets are concerned.

3 - Any previously done research into this topic!


If you have any of the above or know someone who does you would make me one
very happy puppy if you would contact me.  :-)


Michael St. Laurent
Hartwell Corporation

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