e: Problem to use VFS modules

Alexandre Oliva oliva at lsd.ic.unicamp.br
Tue May 8 12:42:51 GMT 2001

On May  8, 2001, Michael Sweet <mike at easysw.com> wrote:

> Why not use libtool?  Because it hides too much, and when it doesn't
> work (read: lots of non-open source UNIX's and non-UNIX's) you have no
> easy way of tracking the problem down.

I agree it's generally not easy to track problems down when they show
up, and that they do show up every now and then.  But it works fine
far more often than it breaks and, when it does, you always have the
option to --disable-shared.

> Personally, I wish they had just added some autoconf/automake rules
> to substitute the appropriate commands and options in your makefiles.

Everybody that suggests this has no idea of how awkward it is to build
shared libraries on certain ``non-open source UNIX's and non-UNIX's.''
GNU/Linux with `gcc -fPIC; gcc -shared' is heaven, and people who are
limited to this experience often fail to see the point of using
libtool for these ``simple'' tasks.

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