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Christopher R. Hertel crh at nts.umn.edu
Tue May 8 00:47:43 GMT 2001


The paragraph suggests running NetBIOS over TCP/IP *and* NetBEUI at the
same on the same machine.  This breaks stuff.  Binding NetBIOS to multiple
transports can cause browser election storms, phantom services, and other

Also, I assume from the text below that the problem with browsing is
caused by NT4/5 systems which do not properly initialize their scope ID
and need to have it specified, either manually or via DHCP.  Is this 
correct?  If so, browsing is not the only thing that will break.

Chris -)-----

> Just a small patch to the DHCP FAQ that's included in the textdocs.  This
> includes notes on the NetBIOS scope, which breaks browsing via Network
> Neighborhood if it's not included.
> docs/textdocs/DHCP-Server-Configuration.txt.diff
> 6a7
> > Modified:	May 7, 2001 by Geoff Silver <geoff at uslinux.net>
> ---
> 99a102
> > j) NetBIOS Scope
> 123a127,131
> > Note that if you are using NT 4.0 or 2000 clients, it is extremely
> > important that you use the 'netbios-scope' option set null as shown below.
> > Without this, your clients will not be able to browse Network Neighborhood
> > without using NetBEUI.
> >
> 148a157
> > 	option netbios-scope "";
> 158a168
> > 	option netbios-scope "";

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