TDB on OpenBSD problem.

Virginia Norling vmn at
Mon May 7 08:01:27 GMT 2001


I just tested the new smbd on the machine where I originally had the
problem with connections.tdb.  Unfortunately, the problem has not 
gone away.  It only takes a few seconds before connections.tdb
becomes huge.  

I am a lot bowled over by this because the first machine is so
similar and everything worked fine on that.  I've just got a list
of the differences in the patching on the two machines and will check
out these patches tomorrow to see whether any of them could have any
bearing on the matter.

One major difference between the two machines is that the original 
usually has several samba daemons running and the other (that I 
tested on earlier today) doesn't normally run samba so the only
connections were coming from me.  Maybe something to do with 
re-establishing connections?

Sorry, I am a bit hamstrung in this matter because I don't have any
10.20 machine to play with apart from an old workstation which didn't
have enough memory to compile samba - dumped core (maybe because of
debug being turned on).  We have only one test machine and that's 
running HP-UX 11.0 and is needed for other things.


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