TDB on OpenBSD problem.

Herb Lewis herb at
Fri May 4 18:11:49 GMT 2001

"MCCALL,DON (HP-USA,ex1)" wrote:
> Hi Tridge,
> I'm no programmer, and my understanding of mmapped files is slim, but I
> noted in the man page of mmap, after a discussion with one of my HP-UX
> buddies about buffercache vs page cache on HP-UX:
>  The application must ensure correct synchronization when using mmap()
>       in conjunction with any other file access method, such as read() and
>       write(), standard input/output, and shmat().
> So I added a call to msync() right before the call to test() to the test
> program, and with this I resolve the inconsistency on the 11.0 box I was
> seeing the error on.  Follows is the modified code:

Setting the MS_ASYNC flag instead of MS_SYNC should be sufficient as 
the read should then get if from the buffer cache but the msync call
doesn't have to wait for everything to go to physical disk.

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