Microsoft vs. the People?

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this probably isn't the right forum for this, so my apologies.

re: Prepared Text of Remarks by Craig Mundie, Microsoft Senior Vice President.
The Commercial Software Model (referenced below)

reading between the lines, it sounds like MS would like to reuse code 
written under GNU General Public License, but still own the IP rights to 
the code they cut. MS sees sw written under GNU General Public License as 
either :
a threat - no explaination required;
or a gold mine waiting to be used in their own products - that the GNU 
General Public License shouldn't apply to them or at least the code under 
such a public license should become common IP similar to govt research for 
the public good.

and i quote the 3rd last paragraph... "There is an important and 
longstanding tradition for the public domain of knowledge, or "intellectual 
commons." This is reflected in many ways, including federal support for 
basic research, the limitations on IP rights reflected in the law and, more 
recently, the broad practice of contributing technology to public standards 
groups for the continued development of the Internet. We support this and 
want to continue to be a constructive and responsible participant in this 
community, including making contributions to public standards. There is an 
equally important tradition of commercial companies having the opportunity 
to benefit from and apply this public knowledge, including by developing 
commercial products that are protected by IP rights."

i assume that MS's contribution to "public standards" is really only an 
attempt to foist MS technology on the rest of us as a ISO standard, in 
order to sell more products.

this is supported in another press release from MS ...

from which i quote the 4th last paragraph ... "Mundie noted that 
Microsoft's shared-source approach -- like the open-source model -- 
provides opportunities for researchers, customers and outside developers to 
examine Microsoft source code and help the company improve it. However, he 
added, maintaining control over its source code is crucial -- not only for 
Microsoft's long-term profitability, but also for preserving the stability, 
compatibility and security of its software for customers."

again they want you to make their code better - sounds like out-sourceing 
without the cost.

yes, i use windows ... the same way i use a hammer!

i'm so glad i got that of my chest - i don't normally rant. thanks Pat

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