Failure Analysis of Samba (4/23) with NT

John Trostel jtrostel at
Thu May 3 16:41:16 GMT 2001

Well.. setting those parameters "create mode = 777" did fix my problem and get
me back to expected behavior.

I'm still not clear on why the "create mode" mask is being applied when the
file already exists and just the ACLs are being changed.  I'm not creating a
new file, I'm just modifying the permissions here.  Seems like, if the file
already exists, only the security mask should be applied.  Even if there isn't
an ACL yet, the file already exists.

On 03-May-2001 Jeremy Allison wrote:
> On Thu, May 03, 2001 at 08:25:39AM -0700, Marc Jacobsen wrote:
>> If all these parameters are being enforced properly the create stuff
>> shouldn't
>> affect setting ACLs, right?  If you want to "acl ignore mask" you just set
>> the
>> second 4 parameters to 0 or 777 or whatever.  Adding another parameter seems
>> totally redundant.
>> Am I missing something?
> No, that's essentially correct. The reasoning behind the
> parameter is that an admin may want to set a restriction
> that group owners always have rw access for example, and
> not enforcing that when a "create with ACL" open is done
> would break that policy. With "acl ignore masks = False"
> then a create with ACL would have the restriction applied.
> Jeremy.
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