pathname problems?

Jeremy Allison jeremy at
Wed May 2 18:28:51 GMT 2001

Douglas Egan wrote:
> Does anyone know if samba has potential problems with pathnames formed
> like:
> s:\tornado\target\h\..\..\target\config\m5307c3\config.h
> Particularly if there are more than just a couple of ..\..
> I have run into this when using gcc 2.96 as well as another product
> called SNiFF+.  Both use pathnames formed like above, but sometimes with
> 5 or 6 levels of backward path traversal.
> Both will run under win2k (sp1) when the filesystem is mounted using a
> win2k NFS client or TAS (TotalNet Advanced Server  smb based product
> from, but both seem to have problems when executing from
> a win2k machine and the fs is shared with samba.  Samba 2.0.7, 2.0.8 and
> 2.2.0 all seem to have this problem (haven't tried anything earlier than
> 2.0.7).
> Lot's of unable to find file messages.

Can you give more details please ? Debug level 10 logs with
no timestamps ?



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