Am I messing something simple up?

Joe_Pfaltzgraff at Joe_Pfaltzgraff at
Wed May 2 18:41:09 GMT 2001

Joe Pfaltzgraff at PATAPSCO
05/02/2001 02:41 PM

I posted this once before but no one replied, I'm hoping I'll get a reply.  I'm
not sure if I'm messing some little thing up, if this is an error or what...  I
invoke smbd and nmbd with the command:

nmbd -D -d 1 -l /var/samba/log/nmbd

(substitute nmbd with smbd for smbd)  smbd works fine, it creates a log file
named 'smbd'.  nmbd on the other hand appends a '.nmb' to the file name, so it
creates a log file named 'nmbd.nmb'  no matter what name I use, it appends the
'.nmb'  I've done this on two systems now with the same results.  What's going
on here?

Joe Pfaltzgraff

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