pathname problems?

Douglas Egan degan at
Wed May 2 15:16:46 GMT 2001

Does anyone know if samba has potential problems with pathnames formed


Particularly if there are more than just a couple of ..\..

I have run into this when using gcc 2.96 as well as another product
called SNiFF+.  Both use pathnames formed like above, but sometimes with
5 or 6 levels of backward path traversal.

Both will run under win2k (sp1) when the filesystem is mounted using a
win2k NFS client or TAS (TotalNet Advanced Server  smb based product
from, but both seem to have problems when executing from
a win2k machine and the fs is shared with samba.  Samba 2.0.7, 2.0.8 and
2.2.0 all seem to have this problem (haven't tried anything earlier than

Lot's of unable to find file messages.

samba server is netbsd 1.5 and I also tested with Solaris 2.7

Look forward to hearing comments.

Doug Egan

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