More Printing Problems 2.2.0

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Wed May 2 13:33:44 GMT 2001

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On Tue, 01 May 2001 21:37:20 Mark Peters wrote:
> 1)  'printer admin' must be a global setting, otherwise 
> the APW will not appear.  

Probably so.  smbd decides whether or not to show 
the APW by checking if the client can execute OpenPrinterEx()
on the server (not a specific printer) with admin rights.
So yes, your observation is proibably correct.  I'll document 

> 2)  I cannot find scripts to use with 'addprinter 
> command' or 'deleteprinter command' anywhere.

Yeah.  I'm trying to find some examples we can 
include in the distribution.

> 3)  The nt's seem to be behaving erratically.  When I open the
> printers folders, sometimes the printer folder hangs (task 
> manager reports that printer folder is not responding), 
> othertimes the printer folder is empty, etc.  A couple of 
> times, after installing a driver, when I tried to view the 
> specific printer properties, I received an error regarding
> an incorrect slot index??? :(

Any specifics, log files, etc... you could provide for this 
last error would be helpful.  However you are the first 
person to report this that I know of.

> 4)  Documentation is sparse.  I reviewed the most 
> recent samba-HOWTO-collection but it does not provide 
> any concrete examples vis-a-vis smb.conf and dir/file 
> permissions (I realize that there are many ways to configure
> a system, but a complete sample configuration would be 
> helpful as a starting point).

Fair comment.  I'll look into it when I can.

CHeers, jerry
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