Have you tried the latest XFS and Samba

John M Trostel jtrostel at mindspring.com
Wed May 2 03:44:18 GMT 2001

Hallo Juergen!

You mentioned that Samba & XFS still work together for you. I wonder if 
it is a strictly winNT problem or not. I downloaded CVS snapshots for 
the past few weeks and discovered that the last CVS that works with my 
XFS system was from the CVS no later than April 22. Could you check to 
see what date your Samba source is from?

I see how your test for acl support using sys_acl_set_{fd/file} would 
work at the bottom of the function but would still argue for a more 
universal test at the start. I think SGI will be moving towards changing 
the acl_get_{fd/file} functions to return EOPNOTSUPP (or maybe ENOSYS) 
after detecting an acl_set attempt on a non-XFS system. Returning 
EOPNOTSUPP would be more in line with the posix standard than the 
current situation. It would then be easier to test as we entered this 
This would also eliminate the need to change the sys_acl_get_file 
function, as a NULL would be returned if no ACL was present on a file 
system supporting ACLs & EOPNOTSUP for a file system not supporting 
ACLs. The Samba posix_acls.c function would need to handle these two 
different situations.

P.S. Is ENOTSUP even defined in Linux? I couldn't find it.

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