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Jason Coene jason at dhnw.net
Tue May 1 18:07:10 GMT 2001


I have been tracking this bug as much as possible, and it appears there is a
severe problem in the code that deals with .tdb files. Lately our samba 2.2
testbed has been having painfully slow network responsiveness. It would go
30-60 seconds without a response to a client on many occasions (both
browsing the network, and opening files/refreshing directories). Clients
include Windows 98se, nt, and 2000. When it would "hang" the client
machine's worker thread due to not delivering a timely response, the samba
server would eat 80% cpu time per "working yet buggy" thread. This is on a
p3-600, 256mb ram, raid1 30gb running OpenBSD Kernel 2.8. Several times it
got so severe the client's explorer would die, and the client pc would have
to be restarted.

Today i found a 2.1 GB brlock.tdb file, a 1.3 GB connections.tdb, and a 1.6
GB locking.tdb file in my lock directory. Samba team, are you aware of this
yet? Searching the mailing lists quickly, it seems one other person has
reported it.


Jason Coene

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