Have you tried the latest XFS and Samba

John Trostel jtrostel at connex.com
Tue May 1 14:33:38 GMT 2001

I can not get the 30 April SGI Linux XFS CVS download and the 1 May Samba 2.2
CVS downloads to work together here.  When I click on the security tab on the
NT side, I get an access violation error on the NT side that starts up Dr.
Watson.  This occurs whether my share is on an XFS parition or on an ext2
partition.  It occurs on when I compile with the --with-acl-support option on
or off.  It occurs when I use the 2.4.3 kernel version of XFS or the 2.4.2

I have captured the level 10 debug log.smbd but can not figure out were the
error is coming from.

It DOES work with the 19 April Samba CVS versions and the current XFS CVS stuff.

Has anyone else had similar problems?

Here is my matrix of what combinations I tested:

XFS Version             Samba Version           Does it work?

30 April (2.4.3)        1 May                   NO --with-acl-support
30 April (2.4.3)        1 May                   NO (no acl support)
30 April (2.4.3)        30 April                NO --with-acl-support
30 April (2.4.3)        19 April                YES --with-acl-support
27 March (2.4.2)        1 May                   NO (no acl support)
27 March (2.4.2)        19 April                YES --with-acl-support

Has anyone else seen this?  Can anyone else interpret the level 10 log? (I'll
send it to you if you want to take a peek at it).

John M. Trostel
Linux OS Engineer
jtrostel at connex.com

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