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Hi Jerry,
Looks good, but the statement "allows a user who would not otherwise be
allowed" is a little
misleading - looking at the code indicates that the intent is to check to
see if the user is an ADMIN user,or if the file in question has write for
'other', or if the user is a member of the GROUP that owns the file, and the
group has write permission; if any of these conditions are met THEN the
become_root and vfs_chmod are done.  So really, it "allows a user who should
otherwise be allowed to modify these permissions (were it not for the Unix
proscription against non-owner modifying permissions), to make changes."
That's how I read it, anyway - my phrasing is poor, but you get the drift...
(you're the writer, not me!)
Hope this helps,
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Can someone confirm?  Does this sound correct?

       dos filemode (S)
              The default behavior in Samba is to  provide  UNIX-
              like behavor that unless a user is the the owner of
              a file or directory, he or she will not be able  to
              modify the object's permissions. This is often con-
              fusing to DOS/Windows users. Enabling this  parame-
              ter  allows  a  user  who  would  not  otherwise be
              allowed  to  modify  these  permissions,  to   make
              changes.  Ownership  of  the  file/directory is not
              changed, only the permissions are modified.
              Default: dos filemode = no

Cheers, jerry
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