Can Any one give me some design documents of samba.

Matt Zinkevicius mattzink at
Fri Mar 30 07:30:50 GMT 2001

> Ummm, I remember ACLs on VMS. The NT ACLs are modelled after VMS, and VMS
> had all sorts of obcure things that are not really needed.
> However, customers being what they are, want full compatibility.

Agreed. Damn customers :-p

> Hopefully you will contribute it back, and we can figure out how to make
> an option in Samba.

Yup. I'll post a patch here once it's been tested more. Currently it can be
configured on/off with the global param "acldb support = Yes/No". The
database path can be configured per share, so that you can physically keep
the ACL metadata on the same media as the files. Probably should make it
compile-time optional as well, to avoid executable bloat. Any obvious
options that I'm missing?

--Matt Zinkevicius

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