Samba and PAM

Richard Sharpe sharpe at
Fri Mar 30 06:26:56 GMT 2001

At 12:49 AM 3/30/01 -0500, Eric Reischer wrote:
>Actually, I'm probably trying to get from Philadelphia to New York via 
>China here, because my end means is to be able to get samba to pass 
>authentication requests to a kerberos4 server.  I found a PAM module for 
>kerberos, but I just noticed that 2.2 has support for kerberos.  I'm a 
>little fuzzy on one thing though....I'm confused as to what the 
>"base-directory" is.  I read the definition in the Configuring Samba 
>Chapter 2, but I still don't know what it's looking for in that 
>directory.  Libraries, binaries, configuration files.......there's a 
>separate folder for each of the above.

Que? Samba or Kerberos? As you probably know, configuring Samba is done in
samba/source ... As to Kerberos, sorry, don't know anything about that.

>Thanks again in advance,
>At 12:22 AM 3/30/01 , Richard Sharpe wrote:
>>At 03:23 PM 3/30/01 +0930, Matthew Geddes wrote:
>> >Eric Reischer wrote:
>> >>
>> >> I've been trying to get samba to authenticate against PAM for a couple 
>> days
>> >> now, but unfortunately have not been successful.  I am using the
>> >> version (freshly compiled) on a Debian Linux 2.2 machine.  I specified
>> >> --with-pam at configure time, but when I try to connect to a shared
>> >> service, I get invalid password.  It checks (in order):
>>Hmmm, do you have a file in /etc/pam.d called samba?
>>Does it have the correct entries in it?
>>If not, then you will get denied ...
>> >I believe Samba only uses PAM for the Unix account side of things (ie,
>> >not authentication, but permissions and RID mapping). Unless you have
>> >configured Samba and all of your Windows machines to not encrypt
>> >passwords. All of this is explained in detail in a text file in the
>> >Samba documentation, I believe.
>> >
>> >Hope it helps,
>> >Matt
>> >
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Author, Special Edition, Using Samba

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