linux (but not samba) quotas

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Wed Mar 28 22:49:28 GMT 2001

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> Subject:	Re: linux (but not samba) quotas
> 	I've been thinking about this for some time,
> 	and wonder, from the ongoing discussion,
> 	if we could contrive to get the Windows
> 	client to 
> 	a) fail on the write past the end IFF out of space/quota, or
> 	b) feel that it's constrained to write the file
>             sequentially.
> 	(A) might be achieved by detecting that it's
> 	  an explicit extend-file operation or a 
> 	  write at a location > (size + amount to be written)
> 	  and then seeing if it is about to exceed the
> 	  quote.  Note that this assumes the quota/space
> 	  check is inherently cheap.
	It also assumes that there are no earlier 'holes' in the file.

	You can't know much about the 'size' in your formula save that the
actual space allocated on disk is <= that size.

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