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Jeremy Allison jeremy at
Wed Mar 28 16:50:43 GMT 2001

Jim McDonough wrote:
> Jim McDonough wrote:
> >NT and 2K do not take care of deleting the old file.  If the server is NT
> >instead of samba, it issues a zero-byte write at the end of the file to
> >test if there is enough room.  This fails, and then it uses a trans2 set
> >file info to cause a delete on close.
> Another piece of this that I didn't notice earlier.  Even though NT never
> issues the zero-byte write to the samba server, it does issue the trans2
> set file info to set the file disposition to delete on close, but access it
> denied by the samba server.  I'm looking into this now.

Ok - this is the key that should fix the problem for us.

What Win32 app are you using to reproduce this, just a copy command ?

If I can reproduce this here I can quickly add the 0x109
response, plus make sure the delete on close gets set



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